Effortless mobility and balance

The Hoss combines the maneuverability of an indoor wheelchair with the robust capabilities of an outdoor vehicle. Its sophisticated balance system keeps it steady on just two wheels, providing comfort and stability without the need for user adjustment.

Intuitive control

Easily controlled via joystick with customisable sensitivity settings, the Hoss prioritises user-friendly operation and safety with its independent safety system, allowing you to focus on the journey.

Mimicking human balance reflexes, the Hoss uses advanced processors and motors to stabilise dynamically, ensuring a smooth and stable ride across any terrain.

Powerful performance

Travel further and faster with a top speed of 15 km/h and options for 30 km or 60 km ranges. Large wheels and cushioned seating ensure a comfortable ride, while the patented stabilisation system provides quick stops in emergencies.

Built with high-quality automotive components, including a robust chassis and Panasonic battery cells, the Hoss is durable and ready for anything. Remote maintenance support ensures help is always at hand.

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Compact and convenient

The AddSeat transforms mobility with its compact design, easily fitting into elevators and car trunks, designed for effortless transportation and storage.

Adventure ready

Created for both daily activities and adventurous trips, the AddSeat enables smooth travel over diverse terrains. This design enhances independence and believes in the freedom to participate in all of life's moments without limitations.

Flexible and comfortable

Available in many countries, AddSeat integrates with Segway for a customisable experience. It features a variable height active suspension for superior comfort and a gyro-based system for elevated seating, making conversations more engaging and making travel more independent and agile.

Trusted experience

Developed in 2010 and in continuous production since 2012, AddSeat has a proven track record with hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

Active life

AddSeat is not just a mobility device; it's an opening to a more active, independent life. It combines functionality, convenience, and advanced technology to make every journey easy, independent, and enjoyable.

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