The Story of Hoss 

The creation of Hoss marks a significant advancement in the field of mobility aids, specifically designed for those who seek freedom and adventure in the great outdoors. This innovative product combines robust performance with intuitive control, ensuring that mobility limitations do not restrict access to active and social lifestyles.

A new horizon in mobility

Hoss was developed with a clear goal: to provide a manoeuvrable, all-terrain mobility solution that adapts to various environments without compromising on safety or comfort. By integrating a unique balance and safety system, Hoss offers a smooth and stable ride on just two wheels, mirroring the agility of an indoor wheelchair with the rugged capabilities of an outdoor vehicle.

Innovative designs for unmatched freedom

What truly sets Hoss apart is its sophisticated gyro-based system, which allows for dynamic stabilization. This system enables the Hoss to maintain balance automatically, freeing users from the need to physically adjust their weight. This feature is critical for users navigating diverse terrains, from city sidewalks to uneven forest paths.

Control and comfort in every ride

Control is at the fingertips of Hoss users, facilitated by a simple joystick that can be adjusted for sensitivity through an app, catering to the specific needs and preferences of each user. Additionally, Hoss is designed with a safety system independent of the main drivetrain, ensuring reliability and security in every situation.

Performance that speaks

The Hoss isn’t just about mobility; it’s about expanding horizons. It boasts a high speed of 15 km/h and a range of up to 60 km, making long distances manageable and more enjoyable. Whether it’s a quick trip to the market or an adventurous excursion, Hoss handles it with ease, proving that performance and practicality can coexist.

A commitment to safety and quality

Safety remains a paramount concern, evidenced by Hoss’s layered safety features and its use of high-quality components. From its redundant sensor system to its emergency stop functionality, every aspect of the Hoss is designed with user safety in mind.

Redefining outdoor accessibility

Hoss by Add Mobility is not just a product; it’s a promise of independence and inclusion. It allows users to not only face the challenges of varied terrains but to embrace them with confidence and control. Hoss represents the pinnacle of outdoor mobility innovation, designed to turn every outing into an opportunity for exploration and enjoyment.

Through a combination of advanced technology, user-centered design, and a deep commitment to quality, Hoss is changing the way individuals experience the world, one ride at a time.