The Story of AddSeat

How it all started

The journey of AddSeat began in Sweden, driven by a vision to transform mobility for those facing physical challenges. Developed by Marit Sundin, the AddSeat emerged from a desire to enhance the freedom and lifestyle of its users, enabling them to navigate life without the constraints traditionally imposed by standard wheelchairs.

Innovation rooted in experience

Launched in 2010 and perfected over a decade, the AddSeat has been continually refined based on direct feedback from users around the globe. This commitment to listening and adapting has kept the AddSeat at the forefront of mobility technology, leveraging the groundbreaking Segway PT Gyro technology. Its ability to pivot on its own axis allows users to maneuver in tight spaces effortlessly, making it ideal for diverse environments—from indoor settings to challenging outdoor terrains like snow, sand, and forest paths.

Engineered for comfort and control.

What sets the AddSeat apart is its blend of comfort and versatility. The height-adjustable seat, a standout feature, allows users to sit at a conversation-friendly height, easing interaction and enhancing visibility. This adjustability also helps in achieving optimal knee and back angles, promoting better posture and circulation. Moreover, the seat incorporates an airride system that acts as a shock absorber, smoothing out bumps and obstacles, thereby reducing fatigue over extended use.

Customisation and accessibility

Understanding the unique needs of its users, AddSeat offers customisation options. Whether it’s choosing between the flat or curved backrests, adjusting the steering handles, or selecting a preferred color, each AddSeat can be tailored to the individual’s preferences. The manual parking solution, with its robust design, ensures a safe transfer to and from the AddSeat, highlighting the product’s user-centric approach.

The option to purchase the seating unit separately allows users to fit it onto an existing Segway, making it a cost-effective solution.

A commitment to empowerment.

At its core, AddSeat isn’t just about mobility—it’s about empowerment. It’s about giving people the independence to explore the world on their own terms, with confidence and comfort. Add Mobility continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in personal transportation, ensuring that each journey with an AddSeat is not only possible but a experience in independence.

Through innovation, customisation, and a deep understanding of its users’ needs, AddSeat by Add Mobility redefines the landscape of mobility aids, turning every challenge into an opportunity for adventure and connection.

Not only have I regained my independence, my family has too.

AddSeat user since 2016